Evergreen Ecoforestry

logging truck on forrest road

Evergreen Ecoforestry uses selective and low impact logging to limit ecosystem impacts while producing lumber and finished wood products. We steward over 200 acres of second growth forest upslope from the South Fork Nooksack River in Deming, Washington. The forests are dominated by 50-80 year old hemlock, cedar and Douglas-fir interspersed with stands of mature alder and maple. We focus our stewardship on maintaining slope stability, protecting riparian forests and stimulating the development of old forest conditions.
We are certified by the international Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC® FSC License Code: FSC-C008225), and serve customers throughout the United States. Our products include certified logs and lumber, including cedar boardwalks, fir decking, alder paneling, maple trim and hemlock framing. Evergreen Ecoforestry is a project of the Evergreen Land Trust, a non-profit organization supporting sustainable land and community stewardship.
For more information about our products, operations, and services, contact:
Evergreen Ecoforestry L.L.C.
3231 Hillside Road
Deming, WA 98244
(360) 592-5112
email: ecoforestry@evergreenlandtrust.org