River Farm Flooding

hi all,

river farm has experienced some big changes with this flood... the
biggest news is that our brand new bridge is off its footing because a
gigantic logjam hit it and hardscrabble creek looks like a river...
there is still danger that as the logjam piles up the bridge could give

way again and we could have more damage. the folks in the white house
have evacuated to the south house temporarily to avoid this danger. we

have road damage lots of places on the farm, lost electricity and even
before the electricity went out, all of the the buildings on the well
lost their running water. potter road and highway 9 were flooded and
hillside road has 2 major mudslides. this morning we were told that it

would be 4-5 days before they would get the road cleared. the good
news is that a big machine came today and worked on the bridge enough
to get the cars off the farm, but the bridge isn't safe to use. our
electricity came on just a few minutes ago. hillside road is still
being cleared, and i'm not sure when small cars will be able to get
through. gina and i aren't sure if we'll be able to make it to the
meeting on saturday. we are thankful that all the people, animals,
vehicles and buildings (other than the bridge) came through so well,
but even today it was recommended by some friends that we evacuate the
farm because of danger from landslides and/or the bridge giving way
again. so far we haven't done that, but we have been kinda distressed
overall. i guess that is the update...

in community,

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