New Policies Adopted!!!

Well, two years of work and the Board has revised ELT policies. A few key changes affecting everyone:

  • Policies established about businesses on the properties
  • Commitment to NO COMMINGLING of stewardship and association funds (treasurers please attend the Annual Membership Meeting this June at River Farm for a workshop on how to make this work!) That means monies don't move in either direction from stewardship funds to association funds (or visa versa)
  • New requirements to report changes to the properties (that would affect the value of the property or any personal equity $10,000 or more) must be reported to the ELT Treasurer within 30 days
  • Standardizing the loan rate (from ELT to any property) to prime + 1%
These are just the highlights!!! For the full text of the policies, check on the link on the left here.

Teresa Vaughn, President

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