Go, Camp-a-Thon, Go!

So I'd just gotten back from three weeks of camping in northern Idaho, and saw the invite for River Farm's annual ELT fundraiser, Camp-A-Thon. I was barely unpacked, which, I suppose should have made it easier. But in my mind, I was a bit done with the work that comes with camping. Ah, but Camp-A-Thon is unique in terms of ease. Once I realized that they cook three square (delicious) meals for you -- this alone pushed me over the edge, into the "do-able" realm (I have a 9 month old remember - at this point I'm easily overwhelmed).

Four of us Walker Creek-ers made it that weekend, along with our delighted kids. The kids seemed to really love the Free Store, what fun for them to choose their goodies, and I’m only sorry I did not get a photo of all the young campers hunkered down on the stage for the night/morning. The music & singing around the campfire was a highlight for me – loved how Ian and crew had a knack for leading songs in a way that we could join in so easily. African Dancing & drumming! Basket weaving & yoga! Eating and eating! Playing & relaxing! Loving the stars and the river and the golden grasses in the summer breeze. Oh, and that moon!!!!

Later on Sunday we Creek-ers managed to linger long enough to capture the inaugural pizza cooking in the new cob oven built a few weekends prior at the Earth Activist Training led by Starhawk.

Thank you, River Farm, for an amazing weekend. We'll be back!

Here we are lined up for some delicious uber-local fresh-air food under the banner shouting out, "Let's Get Fed From Our Local Food Shed."

Question of the day: Are River Farm kids so smart that they would not touch a deep-fried Twinkie with a 10 foot pole? (yes)

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