Evergreen Land Trust Board Administrator Job Posting

The Evergreen Land Trust Association is currently searching for a community-minded, experienced nonprofit administrator to support the governance of the democratically-run organization.


The Evergreen Land Trust Association holds cooperative houses, farms, and forestlands in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. As members of the Association, we live on or nearby the properties that are entrusted to our care, and govern the organization democratically. We view land not as a commodity to be sold on the open market for profit, but as a common resource to steward for future generations. We know that resource depletion and housing affordability are becoming serious problems, and the Evergreen Land Trust Association is one small part of a growing effort to find viable and ethical solutions.


The Board Administrator is responsible for supporting the governance work of the ELT Board of Directors. The Board Administrator holds a variety of administrative tasks to ensure that the Board has what it needs to do its job successfully. The detailed list of job responsibilities can be found below, but broadly, the role consists of assembling meeting agendas, coordinating meeting logistics, and record keeping. While this position is mostly remote, it does require some travel in western Washington State, and we are looking for someone based in or near this region.  

This is a one-year, independent contractor and very part-time position. It pays $25 per hour and requires approximately 15 hours per month, with a maximum of 200 hours per year. There is potential for renewal beyond one year. We are flexible about the start date but are aiming for sometime in the August 1 to August 15, 2022 range.


Regular Meetings of the Board (30%)

  • Attends quarterly Board meetings and records attendance, notes, and action items as needed

  • Solicits agenda items for Board meetings from the Board Members, Committees, and ELT Members, as appropriate

  • Develops quarterly board meeting agenda with the Executive Committee

  • Assembles agenda and supporting material into board packets

  • Emails agendas and materials to Board and Membership (10 days before the meeting)

Annual Meeting (10%)

  • Attends annual Board meeting and records attendance, notes, and action items as needed

  • Solicits agenda items for ELT All Members meeting

  • Develops Annual board meeting agenda with Board President and other officers

  • Ensures that elections of board members and officers occurs as per bylaws

  • Ensures that board members sign their Code of Conduct/Conflict of Interest within 1 month of joining board

  • Emails agendas and materials to Board and Membership (25 days before the meeting)

Meeting Logistics (10%)

  • Confirms location and/or set up a Zoom for meetings and ensure that the location/zoom for meetings is communicated to Membership.

  • Checks in with facilitators and meeting hosts (for in-person meetings)

  • Ensures that there are hard copies of meeting agendas and materials at in-person meetings

Record Keeping (40%) 

  • Uploads all meeting materials into Google Drive 

  • Maintains organization of the Google Drive files

  • Provides reminders to individuals and committees for action items coming from board meetings by agreed upon deadlines

  • Updates Policy Manual when policies are revised

  • Maintains an up-to-date annual calendar

  • Ensures that ELT members are added to and removed from ELT member listserv

  • Ensures that ELT board members are added to and removed from ELT board listserv and Google Drive

  • Maintains online ELT orientation document with functioning links

  • Maintains an up-to-date ELT member roster

  • Support Secretary in:

    • Updating Annual Stewardship Report Form templates

    • Providing reminders to Membership and follows up with Community Representatives to ensure that Annual Reports from ELT Properties are submitted on time

  • Support Treasurer in:

    • Duties around insurance and dues payments, financial reports, and preparing the annual budget 

    • Updating Annual Financial Report Form templates

    • Providing reminders to Membership and follows up with Community Representatives to ensure that Annual Financial Reports and supporting documents from ELT Properties are submitted on time to the ELT accountant

Board and Member Orientation (10%)

  • Works with the Board Vice-President(s) to identify needs for  orientation materials for board members and members at large. 

  • Ensures that Board Representatives have orientation and training materials

  • Ensures that all ELT Members of one-month or more receive a welcome to ELT packet that includes lowdown document, membership directory, and ELT Policies

  • Ensures that residency agreements for all ELT members of one-month or more are submitted to ELT


Required Skills & Experience

  • Administrative experience and skills, such as drafting correspondence, managing emails, scheduling, record keeping, etc.

  • Familiarity with online tools, including Google Drive, Google Groups, and Zoom

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

  • Reliable and efficient follow-through and task management

  • Strong interpersonal, time management and project management skills

  • Awareness and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds and orientations

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Experience living or being in intentional community and practicing consensus-based decision making

  • Passion for environmental, housing, and social justice issues

Equitable Hiring Commitment

The Evergreen Land Trust is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any individual based on any non-merit factor. We are committed to an equitable workplace where everyone is treated as a respected and valued member of the team. ELT actively seeks to build and maintain a diverse community with regard to race, culture, ethnicity, class, religion, physical ability, age, gender, and sexual orientation. We encourage people of color, LGBTQ folks, people with disabilities, people of all genders, and people of other identities to apply.


To apply, fill out this short form: bit.ly/ELTBoardAdminApp2022It will prompt you to upload your resume and answer two short-answer questions. If your application seems like a good fit, we will invite you to our interview process, which will take place virtually. It is a two-step process: the first step is a phone call and the second is a Zoom interview.

Please be in touch with us at evergreenlandtrust@gmail.com or note in the application if you require any accommodations during the hiring process.

Note: we will prioritize reviewing applications received by Friday, June 3, 2022 but will accept applications on a rolling basis after. We will be in touch with everyone who applies by June 3 with next steps by June 10, 2022.

If you have any questions about the application or this job, feel free to reach out to us at evergreenlandtrust@gmail.com.

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