What is a Land Trust?

Many people are familiar with Conservation Land Trusts, which are established to protect resource lands and wilderness. Similarly, Community Land Trusts preserve affordable housing by removing land from the speculative market and creating long-term leases with homeowners. Evergreen Land Trust combines these functions as a Stewardship Trust, to preserve housing, protect the environment, and promote sustainable living patterns. While there are several land trust models, the basic goal is the same—to hold land in perpetuity for the common good.

How Can I Place a Property Into Trust?

First, consider the long-term goals for the land or housing you would like to preserve. What matters to you? What would you like to protect or promote for future generations? You can contact us with questions about how a land trust works, and the kind of project you are envisioning. If it looks like a good fit, we can help you develop a proposal for the ELT Board of Directors. Otherwise we can refer you to another land trust organization that may be better suited to your interests. For most people there are tax advantages to donating land and/or conservation easements to the Evergreen Land Trust.

How Can I Become an Associate Member?

Associate Members are part of a collaborative network of people who are interested in preserving land and housing for future generations, and contribute their time, money, wisdom, and creativity to support the work of ELT. To become an Associate Member, please contact us! Donations are eligible for tax deductions, and we appreciate the support!

How Can I Become a Resident Member?

Resident Members are those people living on any property held by the Trust, and abiding by that property’s residency agreements. To inquire about residency openings at one of the ELT properties, view the regularly updated postings on the Intentional Communities websitehttp://www.ic.org. You can then contact that community directly to learn how they operate and to arrange a visit. The application process for residency typically includes a written proposal and an interview.

What is an Intentional Community?

Intentional communities are groups of people who choose to share land, housing, or resources in alignment with common goals and values. There are many types of intentional communities all over the world, organized in many different ways. A co-housing development, a communal house, or a cooperative farm could all be considered types of intentional communities. There are also intentional communities where people do not live together, but are organized simply to create an extended family of mutual support.