What is Ecoforestry?

Ecoforestry, also known as "Restoration Forestry" or "Ecological Forestry", is the approach to forest management that treats the forest as a whole system. Through this approach, the health of the forest is protected and restored, while the social and economic needs of the community are also being met. This approach to forestry is critical to climate resiliency.

One way of understanding ecoforestry is to shift the thinking from what you are taking, to what you are leaving. Before deciding which trees are available for harvest, trees are selected to maintain a continuous, multi-storied forest canopy.

Ecoforestry generally means selective thinning (or "variable density thinning"). Rather then large clearcuts, co-dominant trees are selected for harvest, or sometimes clearings of one to two acres in size may be created (in deciduous or diseased stands) to extract wood and encourage conifer regeneration while also restoring biodiversity. Regeneration occurs either naturally or with planted seedlings.

When a forest is fully functioning, it is good for the air, soil, and water. Wildlife and fish have what they need to survive. Local communities thrive. Forest stewardship has been an integral part of the River Farm of the Evergreen Land Trust, which manages its own forestland using this approach.

Evergreen Ecoforestry

Evergreen Ecoforestry L.L.C. promotes selective and low impact logging to limit ecosystem impacts while producing lumber and finished wood products. We steward forests and consult on forest management plans in Whatcom County, Washington. We focus our stewardship on maintaining slope stability, protecting water resources, and stimulating the development of old forest conditions.

We are certified by the international Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCĀ® FSC License Code: FSC-C008225), and serve customers throughout the United States. Our products include certified logs and lumber, including cedar boardwalks, fir decking, alder paneling, maple trim and hemlock framing. Evergreen Ecoforestry is a project of the Evergreen Land Trust, a non-profit organization supporting sustainable land and community stewardship.

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